Monday, September 17, 2018

Message from Chris

Click on the words HI RES AUDIO and your download link will appear. 

There are no fees, no passwords, no captchas and no limits as to 
how many downloads you are allowed. It's a quick download even for large files.

Many albums are around 1333kbps and the sound quality is really good. 

There's also a selection of soundtracks which have been converted to 
Dolby Digital (AC3) running at 755kbps and adds an extra dimension to 
the listening experience.
 Just for a fair comparison you will find included 25 albums
 remastered/converted to DTS. (DTS replaced AC3 on many DVD's and offers an improved bass effect. The bit rate runs around the 755kbps mark.)

If you just prefer regular stereo there's a good representation tagged 

ULTRA HI RES AUDIO. The bit rate runs around the 2400kbs @92hz 
and those at the 3030kbs @192hz will make you wonder what have you 
been listening to all these years. Yes, they're that good.

Just for good measure included here are around 130 albums in 320 kbps and 202 FLAC titles which will bring the total to 400 albums for your listening pleasure. There are multiple purchasing options from bona fide sites so you might consider buying the album/s if you are so inclined. There are around 200 links on YouTube if you prefer to stream the music.