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Molto Mondo Morricone

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More Mondo Morricone

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Western, Italian Style

Patrick Ehresmann
Western, Italian Style
Translated from French by Didier Thunus for

The western, Italian style, has been able to differentiate from its big American brother thanks to a specific style, of which each ingredient is immediately recognizable. The music is certainly one of the most representative elements of this.As much as one can't speak about the Italian western without mentioning the name of Sergio Leone, one cannot evoke its music without speaking about the striking influence of its leader Ennio Morricone. Morricone's inspired scores played a prominent role in the very identity of the Italian western.
However, nothing predisposed this composer to become a specialist in that field, because the western was originally far from his favorite movie style. Morricone followed traditional studies of composition at the prestigious academy of Santa Cecilia in Rome. His primary ambition was to compose contemporary music, influenced by his master Goffredo Petras…