Giu La Testa (A Fistful Of Dynamite - Duck You Sucker - Once Upon A Time..In The Revolution)

1] 320kbs bootleg
[1] 320kbs extended CD 1
[1] 320kbs extended CD 2
[1] 320kbs Jap CD 1
[1] 320kbs Jap CD 2


share said…
The 26 tracks 2 CD loss-less and the 18 tracks have the same link. Could you check the link and upload the missing one? Much appreciated!
bedji bee said…
FIRST OF ALL thank you for that blog that is the best blog of the internet, after thank you so much for having upload the Ennio Moriconne cd's but The 26 tracks 2 CD loss-less the link RAPIDSHARE is death please Could you replace it thank you SO MUCH

Wait for your answer
Okay,Bedji Bee,
Both CD's are re-upped as of today.

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