La Leggenda Del Pianista Sull Oceano (The Legend of 1900)

[1] 320kbs Italian version
[1] 320kbs


black said…
Thank you very much for the re-up of OUAT in America....can you kindly re-up the lossless version of "La Leggenda Del Pianista Sull Oceano"?
black said…
thanks again, but there seems to be problem is loss-less version some tracks are corrupt, e.g. 07 - Ennio Morricone Tarantella In 3rd Class, is it possible to re-rip??
Try this link - - Legend Of 1900
I didn't have any trouble when I played the files so I'm guessing something interrupted the download if that's possible. Anyway, I hope this works better for you.
black said…
Thank You for the response chris, but perhaps "corrupt" is not the word I meant, what I mean is that there are some tracks in the lossless version that have bad sound quality (try playing track NO. 7 in the lossless and the 320k versions) & that is the reason I asked for a re-rip (if possible of course).

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