Thursday, December 11, 2014

Covers, artwork stills and booklets

We have complied a massive library of covers, booklets, artwork  from nearly all of 
Maestro Morricone's movies. 
There are around 1,500 images, mostly hi res scans. 
 $10 via 

 email - 
for further details.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Alla Scoperta Dell'America

[1] 320kbs
[1] 320kbs 93mb


Padre Pio - Tra Cielo E Terra

[1] 320kbs

Mission To Mars

[1] 320kbs

Aida Degli Alberi

[1] 320kbs

Un Difetto Di Famiglia

[1] 320kbs

Senso 45

[1] 320kbs

Il Papa Buono (The Good Father)

[1] 320kbs

La Villa del Venerdi (The Villa on Friday)

[1] 320 kbs

Tre Nel 1000

[1] 18 tracks Waptorrent