Friday, July 25, 2014

Scusi, Facciamo L'Amore? (Listen, Let's Make Love!)

[1] loss-less Japanese remastered Uploaded
[1] 320kbs
[1] loss-less

La Monaca Di Monza (The Nun of Monza) + La Califfa

[1] flac pt 1
[1] flac pt 2

[1] hi res scans
[1] flac pt 1
[1] flac pt 2
[1] hi res scans  
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Il Professionista - Le Professionnel (The Professional)

[1] flac 25 tracks + 4 tracks not on this edition. Mediafire 7z
[1] 320kbs 25 tracks

A Pistol For Ringo / The Return Of Ringo

[1] flac Mediafire 7z [1] 320kbs
[1] 320kbs
[1] 320kbs 190mb Mediafire
[1] 320kbs Mediafire[Una Pistola Per Ringo expanded]

Countries, that know only the springtime
And your green fields, with your scentin' of hay
Know ringo, with his angel face
And a woman, who was waitin' for his return
Cross the canyons he laughed
Down the valley the death
And he left behind a river of blood
For his life was guided
By a crude law
He only had a mind to get gold
Rivers, you know how is the history
And his laughin' was a presage of death
Ringo, had an angel face
But whenever ringo laughed,
Ringo fired
Ringo had an angel face
But whenever ringo laughed,
Ringo fired

I kiss at last the beloved ground of my land,

That i left one day with my hard heart full of pain
I have looked in the faces of my old friends,
But nobody looked at me as my old friend
And now what happens you must, you must tell me,
You must remember who i am.
If you see a man with downcast eyes and ragged clothes
Walking through your village, don't shun him but go
I'm that man and now i beg you, help me, i need you, i need you
The liar who told my sweetheart that i was dead,
To take my place, he shall pay for this base lie
Those who saw me as a rundown man,
Those who tried to destroy all our world,
Shall leave forever our beloved land.
Because we are fearless men (3x)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Treasure Of The Four Crowns

[1] 320kbs Waptorrent
[1] flac 20 tracks Mediafire 7z 
[1] flac 14 tracks Mediafire 7z
* Download both albums to get the full effect as some tracks are native to their respective albums.

Correva L'Anno Di Grazia 1870

[1] 320kbs 17 tracks culled from 2 albums Mediafire 7z
[1] 320kbs 15 tracks Mediafire

I...Comme Icari ( I As In Icacrus) I Come Icaro

[1] 320kbs 19 tracks + 1 track from previous issue not included in the latest edition